The Era of Restoration (In Planning)

Start Time: January – February, 2011

Number of Players: 5-7

Game System: Reign (with some modifications / variations)

Description: The game will take place on a fantasy world with each player playing a demi-god.  The game will span generations while each player works either together or against one another to claim their role in the world as a god.  Character creation will include the demi-god and also how their god initially is supported in the world (either by a small civilization, a church that spans the world, etc.).  Players will play both their individual god and their companies that work in the world to spread their faith and political ideals.

Game Play: While cooperation is expected to have to occur between players, this game will be more defined like an RPG diplomacy.  Some game play will take place on line with other sessions being in person.  There will be fog of war in this game with players not knowing what is going on throughout the entire world unless they choose to share among one another via diplomats or alliances with open communication between their companies.

Length:  The game will last as long as it takes to play out.  I expect the game to last at least months with in person sessions occurring approximately once a month to every six weeks.  In between in person sessions; the game will continue online with storyline being built and players deciding how they want to spend their resources.  Players are allowed and encouraged to communicate as much outside in person sessions.

Era of Restoration